Kish & Company Launches New Website Utilizing Concrete5 eCommerce

The famous Kish doll company ( found that they had the need to move from their Flash based website to a platform that would allow them to make edits and add new dolls to their website through an easy to use interface. 

Pixo utilized the Concrete5 ecommerce add-on to create an online catalog of dolls that are segmented utilizing product attributes to create a robust website with search tools that allow users to find dolls and retailers through an easy to navigate website.

What we did is turned off the add to cart buttons within the ecommerce to create the catalog.  That is easy to do with Concrete5.  We then add both the dolls and the retailers and segmented them using product attributes to create both the doll catalogs and the retailer directory.  Doing it this way allows Kish to easily add new items to both sections of the website and allows users to use the sorting tools to find the dolls and retailers they are looking for both quick and easy.

One challenge that we ran into with the retailers is that we need a product attribute for the retailer's website that was not a link.  No problem.  We created a custom attribute that uses the website address as the linking address automatically so that Kish can add new retailers without any technical knowledge to their website.

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