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It's been my experience that a blog is the most important tool in your social media marketing tool box. It benefits you by increasing your visibility on the search engines and within the "social web." Here's how to get the most out of your business blog:

  • Create a Category for Each Service: Blogs are organized by categories; make sure you have a category for each one of your service offerings. You can certainly blog outside these services, but if you're trying to attract prospects and promote your services, you'll need to cover these topics regularly.
  • Write blog posts that are specific to your customer needs: Think about what keywords people are searching for on the internet when looking for your products and services and use those words in the copy for your blog.
  • Write Informational Blog Posts on Your Services: Don't make these posts too salesy; by taking a more even-handed, educational approach you'll do a better job establishing your credibility and expertise. However, you should take your best keywords and link them to appropriate pages on your web site where it's more appropriate for you to be selling, and finish with a strong call-to-action.
  • Answer Your Prospects' Questions: Once a week choose a frequently asked question you get and turn it into a "Dear Abby" type post, where the question is the post title. Reword it to make it more keyword-rich if necessary. Remember: for every time you've been asked that question it's been asked a thousand other times at Google or Bing; by blogging the answer you can reach new qualified prospects.

To have a blog added to your website or to get a consultation on how to create a social media campaign with your blog contact the blog experts at Pixo.

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