Using Concrete5 Ecommerce As a Product Catalog

We have had great success with using Concrete5's ecommerce add-on to create online catalogs for customers.  We have done this for auto dealerships, product manufactures and retailers alike.  Based on our clients needs we create categories of products with product attributes that allow our clients to sort and display products based on their needs. 

We then turn off the shopping cart portion of ecommerce so that customers can't buy products online but can still take advantage of the great ecommerce tools.  Adding products and services to the catalog is very simple for our clients and we have done a number of bulk import implentations where we do the initial load of products into Concrete5 for them.

The end result:  a robust catalog or products and services that are very easy to maintain and easy for customers to browse and search through.

To learn more about Concrete5 or to create a catalog of products online Contact Pixo.

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