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Often we are asked when we move an existing site into Concrete5 if the site's search engine ranking is going to drop with the change to Concrete5.  Our experience has been that in most cases the keyword ranking after the move to concrete5 actually improves slightly.  One reason might be the dynamic XML sitemap that is created by Concrete5.  Another might be the search engine friendly URLs.  Lastly, it might be that the page load time is sometimes faster with Concrete5 than other content management systems.
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The Myth: Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Doesn't Work in My Industry

Three years ago a long time client, while working on a new website for them told me that, "We aren't interested in search engine optimization. Nobody in our industry uses the internet to find commercial real estate." I had heard this once before and it didn't make sense to me either time it was told to me. If I was looking to lease new office space the first place I would go would be online to find a broker or to find properties. For the life of me I couldn't think of a better place to put a new business. Particularly since there was a prevailing attitude in the industry that "nobody was doing it" which to me says, "nobody is doing it SO I SHOULD BE DOING IT AND OWNING THE INTERNET."

For this particular client we did our basic search engine optimization that we do for all of our clients and three months later I got a call from our client. "Tell me more about that search engine optimization thing," he said as I answered the phone. I began talking about the strategies and benefits of SEO. The client then began to tell me that in the last two weeks they had got two new clients that found them on the search engines. The next thing the client said was, "We want to do that search engine optimization thing."

Three years later they are still doing search engine optimization with us and continuing to find success.

The beginning of this year that same client called us into their office and said, "We want to do social media optimization and we want you to do it." They had learned from their previous experience. I think some people would say that doing niche commercial real estate marketing through social media doesn't make any sense. Nobody does it! Which to them I would say, that is the VERY reason you should be doing it. In the first month, 12% of this client’s website traffic came through social media.

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