Concrete5 SEO in a Social World

I often hear from new clients, "My site has great position in the search engines.  I don't want to lose any ranking with the new site.  How is Concrete5 with SEO?"  The answer is, I've never seen any site moved over from another CMS to Concrete5 and lose any ranking.  At least not any Pixo built Concrete5 website.  The reason for this is that with Concrete5 you have complete control over the SEO elements of your website.  Tagging pages, building search engine friendly URLs and XML sitemaps are all part of the standard Concrete5 offering.  That isn't true with most out of the box content management systems.  SEO setup and maintenance is made even easier with with the Bulk SEO tool which comes with the latest versions of Concrete5.

When it comes to social media Concrete5, with some additional social media add-ons, also works very well.  Integrating your social media campaigns into Concrete5 is quite easy. Most people don't know this but Google and the other search engines takes a look at your social media sites and uses them when determining your site ranking.  The number of followers and how you interact with other people on social sites are now more than important than ever when getting your website up to page #1 on Google.  We've been telling our clients for 3 years that Twitter was a great way to improve your site ranking.  Now Twitter and Google+ are just as important as backlinks to getting top rankings in the search engines.  If you don't have Google+ Authorship and Google+ Maps setup for your business you are missing out on some very big online opportunities.  We can help you with that.

The days are gone where you could buy your website to page #1 on Google with a bunch of backlins.  Proper search engine optimization has always been about natural backlinks, strategic website design, interactions with clients and potential clients and targeted messaging.

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