How to Setup Google Authorship for Your Concrete5 Blog

Have you seen the search results on Google that has the person's picture next to it?  That is a part of Google Authorship.  Would you like your Google Authorship picture added to your Concrete5 blog post listings in the search results? 

Here are the easy steps to do that the fastest way possible:

  • Step One: Verify your email address on Google+

  • Step Two: Link from your Google+ profile to your content.  More information on this can be found in this blog post on Google+ Authorship.

  • Step Three: Link from your blog posts to your Google+ profile.  What Google recommends for this is for the "authors name" to be on each blog post and link to your Google Plus profile.  Depending on which Blog add-on you are using you might need a little help writing the code to do this.  For the ProBlog add-on you can add the Google+ link in the profile.  The profile information is added to the user account that will be used when posting blog posts.  If you are not using ProBlog you should find a view.php file in the /blocks folder in the blog package.  In that file look for something that talks about author and replace that code with a link to your Google+ page.

If you need any help setting up Google Authorship on your Concrete5 blog drop Pixo a Note.

For more information about this blog or Concrete5 please contact Jamie Johnson.