How Concrete5 Ecommerce Becomes a Part of Your Marketing Mix

Recently we put a new ecommerce website live for a client.  She was thrilled about the new design and the flexability of the Concrete5 content management system but had some questions about things she wanted to do the future.  There was functionality that she was thinking about that she didn't see in Concrete5 ecommerce add-on and that brought a number of questions.

One of the brillant things about Concrete5 is that it is very flexible.  If there is something you want to do you can almost always add it in to the system leveraging tools that already exist to create a custom user experience that is both expandable and inexpensive.  One client wanted an Ajax type search added to their ecommerce website and Concrete5 didn't have that out of the box.  Within a couple of days and at a very low cost that was added.  Another client wanted to change how they displayed product discounts.  Within a day that was added.  Another client wanted to integrated social media into their website product detail pages.  Within a day that was added.  All of these clients didn't have massive budgets but had great ideas and the Concrete5 ecommerce system with some custom code allowed their visions to become reality on their websites.

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