The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

The following are the most trafficked blog posts on the Pixo Blog in 2014.  As we look through these there are some real gems in here.  It was fun to look over them again.  Please enjoy!

  1. Concrete5 Version 5.7 is now Released!
  2. SEO Rant: Concrete5 CMS vs. Wordpress for Top Rankings in Google
  3. How to Migrate Your Website From Wordpress to Concrete5 CMS
  4. How to Nearly Stop Spam From Your Concrete5 Form without a Captcha
  5. The 7 Most Important Things to Consider for Your Website Design
  6. Why You Should Use a Concrete5 Website for a Kickstart Campaign
  7. How Google has Leveraged the SEO Community to Build Google+
  8. Conversion of Frontpage Websites into a Concrete5 Website
  9. Helping a Client in a Pinch; Ecommerce Website in Just Two Days
  10. How to Use Your Slideshow as User Navigation to Drive Conversions

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