How to Use Influencers in Your Online Marketing Strategy

One of Pixo's websites is  It is the top mom community website in Colorado where the top mommy bloggers  share ideas with other moms and have a lot of fun together.  One of the interesting things we have found and research has proven over the years is how much trust moms put into each other.  It is wonderful.  They love to talk about brands, share product reviews, favorite recipies and other ideas through social media and their own blogs.  They are a true force to be reckoned with because they control 85% of the household income on average and they know how to band together when there has been an injustice. We have watched more than one company be brought to its knees when mom influencers who have seen something not right in the business world and band together to go after a brand.  It is democracy and social media at its best!

Want to know why and other related sites do so well?  Read this article from Search Engine Journal.

Influencers should be an important part of any social media campaign.  Finding the community network that shares an opinion about your product or service and get them talking about you in a positive way can have as big an impact as SEO and search engine marketing.  In the new world of SEO, a good post from a reputable blogger with links back to your site not only will drive real traffic to your site but will also increase your sites ranking in the search engines.

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