How to Use Your Slideshow as User Navigation to Drive Conversions

This is one of those simple little things that can turn a good website into a great website.  Get a slideshow on your homepage that not only makes your page more visually appealing but also becomes a navigation piece for your users that can increase coversions.  An attractive slideshow with call to action buttons in the design is a great way to get users to go where you want them to go and also forces you to have a clear marketing message in your slideshow.  Too many sites we see that have a nice looking slideshow but doesn't have a strong message in it or a prompt to tell your user to do something.

I always tell our clients that they never make a dime off their homepage.  It is only when a user goes deeper into a website that interactions and business starts taking place.  A slideshow image with a nice big "Click Here to Learn More" button in it is a great navigational piece to get the user off the homepage and deeper into your website.   You'll also find that when you start adding these action buttons to your slideshow that you will be forced to put focused marketing messages into the slideshow that are going to tell your users about the products and services that you have to offer.

Already have a great slideshow with a powerful message and ready to take things to the next level?  We have just the thing for you.  Multiple layered, eye catching, highly animated slideshows that will give your site a visual explosion and compel users to go deeper into your website.  These slide shows are Concrete5 editable, mobile friendly and a great way to make a splash with potential customers.

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