How to Nearly Stop Spam From Your Concrete5 Form without a Captcha

Are you getting dozens of emails a day from your Concrete5 forms and is it driving you crazy?  You aren't the only ones.  We've seen a big increase in the number of spambots auto submitting online forms of all types (not just Concrete5 forms) this year.  Spambots crawl the internet looking for online forms and when it finds one it fills out the form and submits it.  It can be really aggravating getting constant junk offers or gibberish submissions from the online forms with no noticeable way of stopping it.  Turning on the Concrete5 captcha will slow down many of those spambots but the problem with a captcha is that it can deter potential customers from filling out the forms because it can sometimes be hard to read the letters and numbers that are in the forms so users just give up.

Pixo has a solution to stop spam from your online forms!  It is a solution that is 98% effective in stopping spambot auto submissions and your customers will just simply fill out your online form and do nothing else.  It is called a Honey Pot.  With a Honey Pot hidden form fields will be added to your Concrete5 form block that spambots will be able to see but your site users won't be able to see.  If one of those form fields is filled out then we know a spambot is filling out the form and the form submission will be ignored.  Since your users cannot see and cannot fill out those hidden form fields all of the user form submissions will come through and the number of spam emails from the form will be almost zero.  We've implemented this solution on a number of websites and it has done wonders for the site owners. 

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