SEO Rant: Concrete5 CMS vs. Wordpress for Top Rankings in Google

I'm forced to write this post. I've heard it come up more than once by supposed search engine optimization (SEO) experts/gurus/professionals and it drives me crazy!  The scenario is something like this:  Potential client is wisely meeting with different agencies to get website development work and/or search engine optimization work done.  They narrow down to whom they want to work with to Pixo and another agency.  The other agency meets with the potential client to make their final pitch and tells the client that if they don’t use the Wordpress content management system for their website then their website will never rank well in Google.  Concerned client comes back to us and says, “We love what you showed us about Concrete5.  It seems so easy to use and it will work perfect for what we want to do over the long haul online, but we are concerned that our website won’t rank if we don’t use Wordpress.” (Learn how to optimize a Concrete5 website here)

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This Deal is Crazy Good for You! Time is Limited.

My team says I'm crazy, but we are going to do it!  This limited time offer will expire on September 3rd.  Get a concrete5 website with the following items for only $999.00.  This offer will be limited to just the first five people that signup and after that it will be gone.  With this package, all of these great items are included:

  • Install and setup of the Concrete5 content management system
  • Up to one hour of online marketing consultation
  • Website hosting for one year
  • Epic Premium theme with up to 1 hour of customization services
  • Full search engine optimization setup to help get your website to page #1 on Google which includes competitive analysis, keyword analysis, tagging, 10 quality backlinks and content optimization
  • Design work for up to 3 slideshow slides with up to three stock photos
  • Personalized, one-on-one Concrete5 training for your website

If you need eCommerce for your website, let us know and you will get 25% off on top of this crazy good deal.  Again time is limited and the quantity we will offer is limited so these will go fast.  Give us a call today!

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The Art of Business, Website Design & Giant Pumpkin Growing

For those who don’t know, I grow giant pumpkins during the summer in my free-time.  These aren’t your ordinary Halloween, jack-o-lantern pumpkins but the ones you see on the news that are over 1,000 pounds.  Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun with the pumpkins including being on TV with Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, and Juliann Moore talking about the pumpkin.  Being quoted about the pumpkins in National Geographic.  And more newspaper articles and photos than I can remember.

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the complexity of growing a giant pumpkin.  My largest pumpkin was last year at 1,220 pounds.  At its peak, it was putting on 43lbs a day.  It takes a number of hours to grow something that big and even with the best laid plans and hard work things don’t always work at as you would like.

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