The Most Cutting Edge Brokerage Website in the Industry

bahomepage.JPGOne of the most sophisticated websites we’ve ever built and the most forward-thinking website for financial and life insurance advisors was launched by Pixo this last week.  Built on the Concrete5 content management system (learn more), the website puts at the agent’s finger tips a plethora of tools that have never been encapsulated in one website before.  From a single intuitive, personalizable interface, called myAdvisor Cloud, agents for the first time can manage all of their business, get real-time reports, quotes, access training materials and much more.

The deep partnership and collaboration between Brokers Alliance and Pixo took nearly nine months for the website to be completed.  The end result speaks for itself.  Brokers Alliance previously website was an old ASP website that had no content management system, limited analytics, looked out of date, was difficult to manage and didn’t properly represent or explain the cutting edge line of services that they had to offer.

The new website was designed to be fun.  Life insurance services aren’t often equated to be fun, but the culture of Brokers Alliance is all about being helpful and fun.  The website needed to represent that, so the bright colors and illustrations were meant to represent that inspiring culture.  Also, parallax homepage, video and animation effects add to the visual appeal to the upbeat nature of the website.  The website now properly represents a technology-based company that puts their clients first and better explains the many services they have to offer through an intuitive user interface design.

One of the center pieces of the website is the myAdvisor Cloud agent portal on the website.  Once an agent is registered on the website they are presented with a Dashboard area that they can customize like a user would customize an iphone.  They can install apps on their Dashboard and change the order of the apps through a drag and drop interface that allows them to personalize their interface to how they want to work.  Data for their accounts along with sales leaderboards, videos, forums and social media are front and center so agents can be constantly encouraged and supported in building their business.  The responsive website design now also allows them to do that anywhere and any time on any mobile device.

Too many other bells and whistles on this website to cover in just one blog post.  We would like to thank Brokers Alliance in partnering with us to build this amazing site.  If you would like to discuss how Pixo Web Design & Strategy can help your online business grow, give us a call right now.

Watch a brief video to see the myAdvisor Cloud in action:

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