Pixo Form Templates Add-on Now Available for Concrete5 5.7

The very popular concrete5 Pixo Form Templates add-on is now available for the concrete5 5.7 content management system. This add-on is perfect when you need to fit a text field and it's label into a limited space such as a sidebar. 

To apply the custom templates that come with this add-on you simply create your form in Concrete5 as you normally would, then, while still in Edit Mode, click on the form block and choose Design & Custom Template.  After that, click on the gear icon and in the Custom Template select box choose the label inside template.  When you apply the Label Inside custom template the field labels will be put inside the field for text and text area fields that have been applied to the block.  When you click inside the text fields the labels will automatically disappear.

The label inside custom template is perfect when you need to add a form in an area that either vertically or horizontally doesn't have a lot of space for form field labels to be included.  The custom template is tabless and ready for responsive websites so it is the perfect edition for any concrete5 website.

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