Turning a Business Idea from a Dream to Reality with a Strategic Website

I talk with entrepreneurs all of the time who have amazing ideas, but are trying to figure out how to take those ideas, with a limited budget and turn them into a money making reality.  Some of these entrepreneurs are just starting out.   Others are long time business owners who have new ideas and new products that they want to take to market.  The question is what is the best way to do that on a smaller budget?

Facebook is Not an Online Strategy
Too often I see business owners get too caught up in the latest trends.  Facebook and Twitter are not an online marketing business model.  To gain a voice you have to have a strategy.  Tweeting, “Come buy our product.  We are the best” is not a social media strategy.  It is just noise on the internet that will be lost with a million other voices.   To have a successful online campaign that drive traffic and conversions takes proven strategies that comes through experience and knowing your market.

How to Build a Successful Online Strategy
One thing we pride ourselves on at Pixo Web Design & Strategy is not only being great website designer, online marketers and developers, but on being consultants.  For over 12 years we have helped small to medium size business find their place in the online marketplace and help drive their business.  There are tons of different options for online marketing and we can help you sort through ecommerce, blogging, Adwords, search engine optimization, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, mommy blogging, website design, content marketing, email marketing (and the list goes on) to find the best opportunities both short term and long term for your dollar.

Powerful Websites for as Little as $900
Talk to a Pixo representative to learn how you can get a website or improve your current website to drive your business for as little as $900.  Let us then build a campaign that can help mitigate risk and increase you opportunities.  Learn how to use tools such as Kickstarter to successfully launch your business and with very little investment build dollars for your business with very little risk to you.  Give us a call today at 720.334.PIXO (7496).

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