How Effective Blogging Can Increase Your Site Traffic

"Does blogging work and can it increase my site traffic?"  That is a question I often hear from clients.  The answer is yes and no.  I sometime see blogs that clearly aren't worth the effort because the messages are all wrong if the goal of the blog is to increase traffic through the search engines.  Good blog posts use the latest techniques for search engine optimization and focus on user needs.  If your blog posts don't answer a question, aren't news worthy and don't have a call to action then they might be as effective as they could be.

Don't get me wrong.  Not every blog post needs to be informational, but if you want to get traffic to your website through blogging then a good portion of the blog posts need to full fill a need of your target audience.  A good 'How to...' subject line is a good starting point for a blog post.  If you can answer the basic question of the reader then there is a good chance you can get that reader to come to your website.  You don't have to give them complete answers to their questions in the post, but give them enough information that they feel satisfied, but not necessarily enough that at the end of the post you can do give them a call to action that they will want to act on because there are still some questions they have that can be full filled by you.  That is how you can generate a lead.

I'm often asked what to write about in blog posts.  The best answer to that question is to use analytics, your experience and your gut to find 'how to' topics to write about.  When you think you have found a good topic, Google it to see how many other posts are written for that topic so you know how much competition you have.  Also, look for topics that your website has weak content for.  Often times your main website content is weak for content in certain categories because a topic doesn't fit into your current site categories.  Blog posts are a great way to fill those voids.

Want to take things to the next level?  Start integrating your blog posts into social media.  When at is done the right way a trickle of traffic from the search engines can turn into a tsunami.

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