What to Do When Concrete5 Editing Toolbar Disappears

Every so often something goes wrong with Concrete5 where you are logged into Concrete5 but the editing toolbar has disappeared on the website.  It can be a little frustrating.  What you need to do in these situations is figure out what the last thing you did on that particular page that may have caused the editing toolbar to disappear.  Typically there is a block on the page that is interfering the the Concrete5 toolbar code. 

To determine this, the best thing to do is to go into your Dashboard Site Map and click on that page in the list and then choose Versions.  Concrete5 saves a page each time it is published and in the versions you can select the previous page version and and then publish it, so you are effectively wiping out the last change you made on the page.  To do this check the box next to the last page published and then click the little thumbs up icon. Then check the box next to the most recent page published and then click the trash can icon. That will put the 2nd page version live.  Now go to the page on the front end of the website.  Is the editing toolbar re-appearing.  If so, that will tell you that there is something with the last block edited that was causing the problem.

If you still aren't able to get the editing toolbar to appear you should next check that the page type has the "footer_required" code at the bottom of the page type.  If it doesn't, it needs to be added.  If that doesn't fix it see if there is any add-ons that are running on the page that might be having a conflict.  If you are still running into problems, give us a call.  Often times there is a jQuery conflict that is causing the problem.  Particularly in Concrete5 version 5.6 and older this is true.  We can help you track down the issue and get it resolved.

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