Creating a Link for Reviews on Google+

I just came across this handy little tool that allows you to create a link for customers to place reviews on Google+ for your company.  You used to be able to add a review parameter to the end of your Google+ page to link users to your review form, but that got changed the very end of 2015.  This handy little website however, gives you two different options to create a link to your Google+ reviews page so you can allow your customers to review of your business:

If you would like to write a review about Pixo, please visit our review page at

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It's Wise Not to Put Your Email Address on Your Web Page

We do a fair number of rebuilds for existing websites.  Typically it means that we copy the website content over from one site to another.  Often times I'll come across pages that have an email address as part of the text on the page.  Those same individuals often wonder why they are getting a ton of spam emails to their account.  Often times they get on those spam lists because a crawler that does nothing but look for email addresses on web pages is grabbing that email address and once they have it your going to get spammed and possible get spammed a lot.

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Using Alt Tags on Images for SEO in 2016

For some reason this one has come up a lot lately.  People asking how to add alt tags to images on their website for SEO purposes.  At one time it had some value.  What we tell our clients today is if you want to use Alt tags then don't put any keywords in those tags.  From Google:

"Filling alt attributes with keywords ("keyword stuffing") results in a negative user experience, and may cause your site to be perceived as spam."

The short answer is that keywords in alt tags for search engine optimization purposes has no value.  If anything it may hurt you.  The best approach would be to describe the picture without keywords in 16 words or less.

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