Influencer Campaigns: Not All Blogs are Created Equal

At Pixo, we have been doing influencer campaigns via mom blogs for a long time.  One thing we have found is that not all blogs are created equal.  Some of the blogs that purport to be popular will drive very few conversions.  Some moms with blogs may get invited to all of the influencer events by media outlets and are popular with corporations, but you find they have very little actual followers.  And then some blogs can drive amazing traffic to your website, business or events. 

For different campaigns we've setup tracking tools to find what bloggers can actually drive results and increase sales.  One thing that we've found is that the price that a blogger asks for a post doesn't necessarily indicate the value that they can provide.  For example, milehighmamas.com was the seventh most expensive site for a campaign that we did but came in third for conversions and in total ROI came in 2nd.  This was for an influencer campaign involving 16 different websites. 

Before you start a blogging influencer campaign make sure you know the players, track results and allocate dollars to the sites that can yield the best return on investment for you.

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Fact: The Promise of Mobile Advertising Has Finally Arrived

I remember in 2001 when there was a lot of talk about mobile advertising and promise of being able to advertise to consumers in your local area as they were on their mobile devices.  That promise of being able to drive revenues through mobile advertising seemed to come up ever year after that and take many forms, but always seemed to fall flat.  Geolocation texting, mobile ads and mobile websites took many forms, but often weren't very consumer friendly and didn't really seem to have a large enough audience to be compelling.  One problem is that mobile devices at the time were clumsy, slow and not nearly as visually compelling as desktop browser user experience.  That started to evolve with the introduction of the iPhone, CSS3 for responsive websites and LTE mobile broadband type data speeds.

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Concrete5 Bug Fixes, Upgrades & Customization Specalists

Do you have a concrete5 website that is throwing errors or needs something fixed, repaired or upgraded?  You've come to the right place.  Pixo Web Design & Strategy is concrete5 website design and development agency with over seven years of experience with the concrete5 CMS.  We can help you fix bugs, upgrade concrete5, design new themes, customize add-ons and a whole lot more.  Years of experience with both concrete5 5.6 and 5.7 websites.  Let us know what we can do for you.

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