What to Do When Your Website Hosting is Terminated or You Need to Recover Old Pages

I've seen it too many times before where a website owner didn't pay their hosting bill and their website was suspended or deleted, or a web designer won't give them access to their website or they accidentally deleted something on their website that they shouldn't have.  How do you recover that old website after it is gone?

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Advanced Local Search Engine Optimization for only $200 Per Month

Small to medium sized business owners rejoice, this is your opportunity to get visible in Google.  Pixo Web Design & Strategy is offering Advanced local search engine optimization for only $200 per month for most websites.    The includes a competitive analysis, site analysis, keyword analysis, schematic markup, mobile analysis, content analysis and professional tagging of your title and meta tags for all of your pages.   Then on a monthly basis we make adjustments to your website based on bi-weekly reports that we run on your site and create quality backlinks to your site.

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Free Way to Track Website Phone Leads to Get at Your ROI

There are more sophisticated ways to do this, but if you are on a budget and need to track phone leads from your website, here is an inexpensive way of doing it.  This article shows you how to add a little javascript to your website to display different phone numbers to your users so you can track where your leads are coming from.  A pretty slick way to put together an ROI for a campaign.  Here is the code that you would add to the <head> of the page:

var current_page = document.URL; var sourceConfirm = current_page.indexOf(“?source-track”);

var phone_num=”XXX-XXX-XXXX”; if (paidConfirm != -1) { document.cookie = “Track this Source”; } else { }

var cookieCheck=document.cookie.indexOf(“Track this Source”);

if (cookieCheck != -1) { phone_num=”YYY-YYY-YYYY”; } else { }

Replace “?source-track” with whatever parameter you are using to tag the inbound link with.  Replace XXX-XXX-XXXX with your default phone number.   Replace YYY-YYY-YYYY with the variable phone number that you would like tracked.

Put the following tag where you need the phone number to display:


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Using Love to Build Your Business & Turn Around Organizations

Let me say from the outset that I'm not a sappy person.  I'm not afraid of a hug, but I'm not a touchy feely person.  But there is something that I've learned and thought about over the last 20 years that applies to any aspect of life and has great application in the workplace.  That is the concept of love.  If you want your business to succeed, if you want to find personal success and satisfaction there are few things that will drive that success greater than love.  Am I talking about going around and huging your employees and clients?  No (although it might not hurt).  What I am talking about is the source of your motivation and your employees motivation in building the business. 

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