How Killer Websites & Great Digital Marketing for Start Up Companies is Like March Madness

I love sports.  And I love to draw business ideas about creating teams and starting a business from my sports experience.  The competition and people trying their hardest for perfection and to win both as individuals and teams has always been something dear to my heart.  This is especially true during March Madness.  I'm an Advertising major alum of Brigham Young University (BYU).   Long before I was a student, I loved watching BYU sports.  

In the 2016/17 season BYU had more ESPN top 100 recruits on the team then ever before.  Season ending injuries to their only two seniors meant that the starting lineups consisted of all freshman and sophmores and gave them a depleted bench.  I believe at the time of the injuries all of the starters at that point were the ESPN 100 recruits.  Some of the best young talent in the nation, but they were young and "inexperienced" players who didn't have the calming leadership of a Senior on the floor who knows what to do in specific situations to stay out of trouble.  Because of this wild shots were sometimes taken and there was often a lack of effort on defense that hurt the team.

The BYU team lost (and somewhat badly) to inferior teams that they never should have lost to this last season.  They were also the only team to beat Gonzoga in the regular season when they were the #1 ranked team in the nation, messing up their undefeated season the last game of the year on their own floor.   Talent wise BYU could keep up with any team in the nation I believe.  The problem is that they didn't always want to play defense and too many guys on the team wanted to be "the" guy.  There was a lacked leadership and experience, because of the youth and it showed in more than one game.  There is something to be learned from that.

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Handy Tool to Spam Test Your Email Address

I just came across this handy little website that you can use to check your email address to see what you can do to improve it so your emails won't get caught in spam filters.  Give it a try.  You simply just send an email to the email address that is displayed and then click the button to see your report.

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