Pixo Launches the Fastest Life Insurance Quoter on the Market using Intellasearch Technology

We launched an amazing life insurance website today.   One that is going to change the industry.   Have you ever need to get a quote on a website and it took you 5-15 minutes to complete the online forms, only to be disappointed in the end?  A new website changes everything.   With you can now get life insurance quotes in as little as 10 seconds from up to 50 different name brand carriers.  Life's Best Insurances is a new breed of concrete5 CMS website that uses Intellasearch technology that helps users find the right policy for their situation in the least amount of time possible.   Give it a try!

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Pixo in the Wall Street Journal

Pixo Web Design & Strategy has long been known for our great mommy blogger and social media campaigns.  Amber Johnson, Vice President at Pixo, was contacted a week ago to talk about family travel (one of our specialties) for an article in the Wall Street Journal.  What an honor!   The focus of the article was getting kids involved in vacation planning so the article was a family affair.   My children did an amazing job talking about their experiences with planning trips.  I was really proud of them.  Over the years they have had opportunities to work with Disney, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Southwest Airlines, Colorado Ski Country USA, Park City Resort and many more great organizations in experiencing family trips (aka spoiled rotten travelers).   It was great to see that the miles they had logged had also created some learning experiences.  Read the Wall Street Journal article at

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What to Do When You Aren't Receiving Emails from Your Website Contact Forms

Sometimes I'll hear from clients that they aren't receiving emails from their Concrete5 and Wordpress contact forms on their website.  Usually the assumption is that something is broken with the forms.  Typically that isn't the case however.   Here are some things to try if you aren't receiving emails when the forms are submitted:

  • Check to make sure an email address has been entered into the contact form to send emails to when the form is submitted and check to make sure their isn't a typo in the email address.
  • Check to make sure the DNS zone isn't set to local on your server if you are using a 3rd party email address.  If the DNS zone is set to local then all the emails get routed locally on the server so the emails never go out.
  • Make sure that in your domain name's DNS a SPF and DKIM record is setup so that your server can be authenticated by other servers receiving the emails.   SPF and DKIM records essentially tell other servers that the server the email came from is "approved" to send emails for a particular domain name.  Some email servers, particularly servers with spam filters that are turned on high, will block emails that can't be authenticated.
  • This tool can also help you find specific issues with your DNS.

If you are still having problems, contact us and we can help you fix the form to make sure you are receiving emails from all of your contact forms.  Or give this tool a try:

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Got SSL? Chrome to Show Not Secure Warning on Forms Starting in October

People have just stated talking about it, but we've been talking about it for months.  Google has announced that “[in] October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.”  What does this mean for website owners?   You need to add an SSL certificate to your website now or else website users will get a warning message on forms and search boxes on your website.  Those kinds of warnings could be devastating to business that rely on contact forms for new business communications.

An SSL certificate simply verifies as website and encrypts transactions to secure them.  You see secure pages on credit card payment pages in the past, but now you'll want to secure your entire website.   Having an SSL certificate on your website is a ranking factor (although small) and to help secure communications and transactions of your website it is a worthwhile investment to add an SSL certificate to your website.

Pixo can add an SSL certificate to your website for as little as $45 per year.   Let us know how we can help secure your site.  720.334.PIXO (7496).

Note:  Have a concrete5 CMS website?  Let us know for additional savings on your SSL certificate.

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