Concrete5 CMS Team Announces End of Life for Version 6

If you have a concrete5 websites that is version 6 or older then now is the time to upgrade to version 8.   The concrete5 team has announced it will no longer be supporting version 6 and older concrete5 versions after 8/24/2019 and they will no longer be selling version 6 add-ons and themes after November 22nd of this year.

The latest versions of concrete5 have many enhancement and security features that make the upgrade to version 8 worthwhile.   Not only that, but you will be able to continue to enhance your website going forward to the latest versions and add-ons.  Although you cannot upgrade from version 6 directly to version 8, the transition for most websites is made relatively easy using tools that the Pixo team has to transfer your website.

Contact us today for a free quote to upgrade your concrete5 website to version 8 and ask about additional enhancements you should make during the transition to get the most out of your concrete5 website.

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Why You Can't Fix Stupid when It Comes To User Interface Design

Internet users are inherently lazy.  How do I know this?  Because I'm an internet user and I'm lazy.  When it comes to user interface design, you have to make it simple and clear.  Why?  Because if a user has to work for it, they will probably just leave your website.  So, you have to build a website for the "lowest users."  Why?  Because you can't fix stupid. 

I remember a couple of years ago there was a problem with users asking 2 minutes after their registration why they couldn't log in to the website.  It clearly stated on the registration form that their registration would be reviewed and someone would reply after X number of business days.  The client asked me to add a field that was a required field that said "I understand it will take X business days for the registration to be approved."  We also changed the text to red to help users understand that the process required a person to review the application before they could log into the website.  It couldn't be done any other way.  Within 20 minutes of that change going live someone emailed in asking why they couldn't log in?  It was about 5 minutes since they registered and they had checked the required box saying they understood that the application had to be approved before they could login.  Lol

I don't blame the user.  We don't want to read.  Especially when it comes to semi-long forms.  But the little details can sometimes make a big difference when it comes to website conversions, happy customers and reducing the amount of customer service that you have to provided.

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Annual Pixo Giant Pumpkin Party

At Pixo, we like to build world-class websites, but we also like to grow world-class pumpkins.  Every year we grow a giant pumpkin for competition.  We also throw a massive giant pumpkin party when we cut the pumpkin from the vine and load it up for the weigh-off.  It is quite the event.  It is our favorite time of the year and we love to celebrate the fall season and the team's hard work.  Our biggest pumpkins was 1,220 pounds in the past (that isn't a typo).  Excited to see where the pumpkin weighs in this year.

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