Top 10 Concrete5, Marketing & SEO Blog Posts of 2019

In case you missed them, the following are the top blog posts of 2019.  We had some great blog posts and conversations with clients about them.  If you haven't read it, I'd highly recommend the 'Secret Google My Business Map Listing Ranking Factors for 2019' blog post.  It is the best article you'll find on how to get your map listing ranking on Google.  But we are biased of course.  Enjoy!

  1. The Definitive Guide to Concrete5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Secret Google My Business Map Listing Ranking Factors for 2019
  3. Enterprise Level Multi-site Content Management System (CMS) with Concrete5
  4. SEO Rant: Concrete5 CMS vs. Wordpress for Top Rankings in Google
  5. Iowa State University Awards Pixo to Build Multi-Site Concrete5 Websites for Iowa Public Libraries
  6. How to Migrate Your Website From Wordpress to Concrete5 CMS
  7. How to Make Your Concrete5 or Wordpress Website Load Faster
  8. Concrete5 eCommerce for 5.8
  9. How to get the best Concrete5 themes
  10. Why Now is the Time to Upgrade your Concrete5 & Wordpress Websites
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Benefits in a New Business World & Website User Experiences

We are living in a new era of artificial intelligence computing power (also called AI) and machine learning that is going to affect your business.  New algorithms have been created that can allow computers to "think" and accomplish things that in some cases weren't dreamed about even 15 years ago.  It is a revolution as big as PCs and the iPhone. AI allows a computer to try billions of different scenarios in ways a human mind couldn't that allows it to solve problems and come up with solutions that a brain may not consider or have the ability to consider.

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Why Online User Business Reviews Matter; Sometimes

We are about 10 years into online business reviews era and a new large study by Womply is giving us better insights to how online business reviews can impact your business.  Do you stress over getting 5-star reviews.  The latest findings say that review are important, but they also tell us 5-stars isn't everything.

Did you know a 5-star rating is actually NOT associated with the highest revenue for small businesses? In fact, 5-star businesses actually earn less on average.  Why?  There could be many factors, but the most likely is that when a customer sees dozens of five star ratings with no 4 or 2 star ratings then they become suspicious.  No business should have a customer not have any complains.  The star-rating sweet spot for revenue is between 3.5 and 4.5 stars, according to Womply’s study. But even businesses that average 35-50% negative reviews earn nearly the same as the average business. 

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Concrete5 Themes

One of the best things about concrete5 themes (aka website template / website design) is that they can look any way you want in concrete5.  There really is no limit to where you can take your website.  When we built a custom concrete5 theme for a website, we look at a number of different things and usually are designs are quite different.  

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Managing Multiple Concrete5 Websites in a Single Installation with Multi-Site

Iowa State University recently chose Pixo to setup a multi-site installation for the Iowa state libraries which we just recently unveiled to rave reviews.  The beauty for the managing team is that all the websites are in a single concrete5 installation, so they can easily make one change in many situations that will be applied to what eventually could be 300 websites.  This saves them time and money as well as gives them opportunities to do even more with their websites.

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Concrete5 Multi-Site

Pixo is one of the only agencies who has access to the unreleased new concrete5 multi-site.  With concrete5 multi-site you can have technically an unlimited number of websites hosted in a single concrete5 installation, each having their own domain name.  Concrete5 mutli-site has been used by the U.S. Army for years and more recently BASF and Iowa State University has chosen Pixo to setup over 200 websites for the Iowa State Libraries utilizing multi-site.  The new concrete5 multi-site is an enterprise ready application that also works nicely for smaller organizations.  It works just like concrete5, because it is concret5.  The main difference is that you can setup different installations, each having their own sitemap and then utilizing Advanced Permissions give control to each site owner over their site or pieces of their site, that can share resources with other sites.   This is a game changer for organizations that have more than one website, but don't want have to deal with the maintenance or cost of having multiple sites.  Also, SSO becomes much easier with multi-site.

If your organization could use the advantages of multi-site contact Pixo today at 720.334.7496 for a full demonstration of how concrete5 multis-site can work for you.

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Iowa State University Awards Pixo to Build Multi-Site Concrete5 Websites for Iowa Public Libraries

Pixo Web Design & Strategy in proud to announce that it was awarded a multi-site concrete5 CMS project by Iowa State University for the State Library of Iowa and Iowa public libraries websites.  Pixo will provide project management, implementation, website design and development of a model or template library site and consulting for continuation of a multi-site concrete5 web hosting environment.   

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Why Now is the Time to Upgrade your Concrete5 & Wordpress Websites

Do you have an older concrete5 or Wordpress website that a little voice has been telling you is ready for an upgrade?  Or maybe you have a business website that is older but looks good that works for you needs, that you don't see a reason to upgrade.   Well now might be the time.  A lot of older websites were built to run with older versions of PHP.  For example, concrete5 version 5.6 sites and older, along with Wordpress 4.6 and older are not compatible with the latest PHP versions.  However, the issue is that the older PHP versions are no longer supported so for security issues, many hosts are now requiring website owners to run the latest PHP version (7) on their hosting accounts.  This means if a website owner doesn't upgrade their website then their website will start throwing error messages.

What should you do?  Contact us and we'll give you a free advice on what is best to do for your website.  The latest version of concrete5 and Wordpress give you the latest functionality and security, but often times there are many options to consider.  We can help you with that.  Also, the newer versions of PHP 7 runs faster than older versions of PHP which will give your users a better user experience on your website along with more security for yourself.  Give us a call at 720.334.7496 and we'll help you figure out what is best for your circumstances.

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Concrete5 & Wordpress API Developers

I love it when a business grows to the point that the business owners recognize the need to innovate to attract new business, find new markets and streamline processes.  If your business is looking for concrete5 API development work (or Wordpress) to integrate with 3rd parties or to enhance the abilities of your website, you've come to the right place.  We have a great deal of experience working with Concrete5 APIs as well as integrating with third parties.  Need a SalesForce integration?  We've done that.  Need to customize an eCommerce website.  Where the best in the business!  Need to setup a SSO for a membership website?  We've got lots of experience.  Need database integration.  We've done it a hundred times.  have a SAML for REST project.  We can help!  You get the point.

For over 15 years Pixo has helped businesses of all sizes with their concrete5 website development needs.  We have concrete5 developers (and Wordpress) with extensive knowledge of API services and we can consult you on the best options for your website development project and help you find the best solutions for your particular needs.  Contact one of our developers today for a free consultation:  720.334.7496.

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#ValleyOfTheBoom & a Historical Look at the Internet in 2019

I watched the first episode of the Valley of the Boom on the National Geographic channel and it was a little like a walk down memory lane.  Fascinating to see where the internet has come over the years.  I first started playing with the internet in High School prior to the world wide web.  Back that it was dial up modems and bulletin boards.  I remember writing papers on the Vietnam War that came completely from digital sources back in 1989.  I would be surprised if even one other person in my High School was doing that at that time.  Modems weren't a common household item back then and bulletin board systems were fairly limited, but I found the whole thing fascinating.

Then in college I had a roommate that was a college science major who was working on a web page for a class and doing a little HTML.  I had taught myself coding as far back as the 6th grade and asked him to show me what he was doing.  HTML was easy, so I picked it up quickly.  In 1995, as I recall, the the Netscape browser was on version 1.1.  It was still fairly new.  Had what I called the "breathing N" which told you it was trying to load the page.   It was very limited.  No style sheets or even HTML tables at that time.  That came out shortly after however.  I started building websites professionally around that time.  My first client was a company that sold long distance calling cards (lol talking about Netscape and calling cards is making me feel old right now).

Around that same time I wrote a paper for a business communications class on the number of users on the internet.  It was the first publication that I know of that looked at the research of a number of different surveys to get at a true number.  I believe the numer was right around 30 million users.  I put that paper on the internet and the University of Michigan contacted me and asked if they could re-publish my paper for some work they were doing.  Not that long ago the internet was a relatively small place.  30 million users compared to about 4.02 billion users today is very different.

Watching Valley of the Boom got my creative juices going.  It was a day of the wild west of the internet.  Even before the gold rush.  It was a lot of fun.

The internet of today is still fun.  But different.  When compared to television, we are still in the black and white TV days, but it is the larger screen b&w TVs with clearer pictures.  We are getting close to color TV, but nowhere near HDTV yet.  That will come quickly however.   If your business isn't prepared you'll be in the same place Netscape, long distance calling cards and the rest are today.  Give us a call and get a free consultation on how to revolutionize your business.  

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