Rant: You are Not a Web Designer if You Are Using InDesign or Illustrator for Your Website Design Mock Ups

Okay.  I just got to get this off my chest!  Some might feel offended, but they need to understand.  If you are a business owner or manager, this might save you some time and money down the road.  But great website design services should usually and almost never should be created in InDesign or Adobe Illustrator!  Why?  They weren't built for it!  Can a wrench be used as a hammer?  Yes, I've done it before, but not ideal.  As any good web designer or developer will tell you it complicates the building process and can make the build time a little longer.  Can a good web designer build a perfect design from InDesign and Illustrator?  We do it all too frequently to the satisfaction of everyone (except for maybe the designer that has to build it).  But 98% of web designers will tell you that a good Sketch, Figma or Photoshop file makes life easier and will save you some money down the road. 

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