Concrete5: The Next Generation Content Management System

Jan 10, 2011

About two years ago Pixo went in search of a content mangement system for our websites that had the next generation features that our client's demanded and the tool sets that our developers wanted. By chance or by heavenly intervention we stumbled upon Concrete5. At that time I think there were about 20 add-ons available for C5 but you could tell that the small crew in Oregon were on to something. The in-content editing tools were unlike any I had seen before the intuitiveness of the editing interfaces were best of breed.

We started playing around with it for a few small projects and quickly we recognized that Concrete5 was going to become our content management system of choice for small to medium sized business websites.

Since then we have done more Concrete5 websites than we can count. It continues to amaze me just how robust and flexible this system proves to be.

This blog is about everything Pixo and Concrete5. We are going to share our sucesses, failures, tips and innovations with Concrete5. Return here often and let's start a conversation.

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