Animations in Website Designs to Drive Conversions

Jul 13, 2021

Sometimes it is the little things in website User Experience (UX) that can drive conversions and the success of a website. Animations within a website can not only add visual appeal for the user it can also give them visual cues to take action. These little visual cues subtly tell the user to do something or draw the user's eye to call to action buttons, which helps get the user to do what ultimately you want for them to do:

For example, take a look at this demo web page:

There are a number of visual animations to make the site interesting, but note how they are used. The animated arrow pointing to the drop down box is pretty blatant in its approach, suggesting to the user to click on the drop down.

Further down the page, note the little wiggle action on the "Check Our Prices" green button. These visual cues are strong suggestions to the users that they are supposed to do something. It also makes it clear that the button even exists to the user. I know how frustrating it can be for a web designer when the obvious isn't so obvious, so these visual cues act as hand holding for the site visitor.

I remember doing a focus group with individuals and in the focus group we would ask a user to look at a web page for 5 seconds and then we would take the page away and ask recall questions for what was on the page. General questions about the site like, what the site was about, most everyone did well with, but specific questions like, "what do you recall was in the upper right hand corner of the page" they usually didn't do so great with. In this case the item that was in that upper right hand corner of the test page was a neon green order button. Even with the blatantly obvious, bright button, users didn't recall it.

So when it comes to website UX design, anything and everything you can do, including using animation cues to help a user notice and recall the item can be a powerful way in drive conversions on your website.

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