Concrete5 Multi-site

multi-site.jpgPixo is the leading agency for concrete5 multi-site CMS services.  Large Universities to small businesses have relied and thrive utilizing multi-site functionality within the concrete5 CMS.   Multi-site is a game changer for organizations that need to manage multiple websites or intranets and are looking for the efficiencies of having all of those installs within a single CMS.

If you are familiar with the ease of use of concrete5 you will be pleasantly surprised how each it is to utilize multi-site.  Literally create new websites in seconds.  You can even create a "template" called a skeleton for new website installs where pages, content and/or blocks can automatically be added to new pages as part of the new install.

Multi-site teamed up with Pixo can give you solutions to business challenges, drive new revenues, cut your costs and find new revenue streams.  Those aren't just lines.  We have real life examples and can use the experience that can help impact your business.


The latest release of multi-site includes the following features:

  • Manage multiple websites from a single concrete5 install, each with their own domain and each site can be completely separated from other sites in the install.
  • Force content updates across all or some sites in the network.
  • Suggest content updates across all or some sites in the network.
  • Allow for centrally and locally managed content to appear in any way.
  • Make an update to one theme/template and automatically update multiple sites or have a unique theme/template for each site.
  • Share content between sites.
  • Create a single-sign on between multiple websites.
  • Workflow & messaging for collaborating on the sites.
  • Add or remove sites easily.
  • Base a site on more than one site starting point (skeleton).
  • Open source

Would you like to learn more about concrete5 multi-site?  We would love to show you how it can be utilized for your websites and how the power of it can save you time, money and resources. Contact us today for a free consult.