Pixo on NBC's The Marriage Ref, Sunday June 26th

onstagesm.jpgEvery office has its troubles.  Sometimes it is the missing Swingline stapler.  Other times it is power struggles within the Executive ranks.  Pixo Web Design & Strategy is no different than other companies.  Presidents and Vice Presidents often don’t see eye to eye on business issues, but when the President and Vice President are also husband and wife a whole new level of sparks can fly.

The dynamic duo of Amber and Jamie started out as a married couple before joining ranks in the business world.  Their collaboration has been a marriage made in heaven except for maybe one little dispute.  Pumpkins.  Usually pumpkins don’t put wedges in business relations or marriages for that matter, but when Jamie is not developing world class websites and online marketing deals he usually can be found in the pumpkin patch cultivating his pumpkins.  Not just ordinary pumpkins but GIANT pumpkins.  The kind usually only found in fairy tales.  The kind that weigh around 1,000 pounds or more that are only moved by fork lifts.  And as a business founder and president, husband and father the time commitment to grow giant pumpkins can take away from family time and Amber would prefer if that would change.

familypumpkin2010.jpgTo put this dispute to rest once and for all Amber and Jamie decided to take their dispute to NBC’s The Marriage Ref to air their dirty laundry in front of a million of their closest friends and find out who is right and who is wrong.

“I just want to grow big pumpkins,” said Jamie Johnson.  “I think everyone should have one hour per day to do what they want.  To get away from things and have a moment to clear their mind.”  Amber Johnson on the other hand sees things a little differently.  “Jamie does an amazing job servicing our clients and coming up with great online strategies.  But after the work is done he goes to the pumpkin patch and that takes away from our family time,” says Amber.

Watch the Pixo couple battle it out on NBC’s The Marriage Ref on June 26th (see a short clip here).  After that contact Pixo Web Design & Strategy and find out how knowing how to grow an organic 1,000 pound pumpkin can translate into a world-class website design, search engine optimization and social media optimization.  Or at least know how to make the world's biggest pumpkin pie.


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