Integrating Your Concrete5 Website with Facebook

There are a lot of great ways to enhance your social media efforts and Facebook presence with the Concrete5 content management system.  Add-ons for Concrete5 like the Facebook Like Button and Facebook Comment are great ways to bring interactivity between your Facebook page and your Concrete5 website.  But there are additional ways that you can make Concrete5 and Facebook interact with each other.

One way is to create custom pages on your Facebook page that embedds custom Concrete5 pages from your website into your Facebook pages as a tab.  You can see an example of this at on Pixo's Facebook Fan page (Like as as you stop by).  This custom page is completely editable, the forms are powered by Concrete5 and form submissions will show up in the Reports section of the Concrete5 Dashboard. 

With this we can edit and update our Facebook pages at any time and with very little technical knowledge based on our marketing needs.

Another great way to take this same concept to the next step is creating Like-Gate pages on your Facebook page that request users to Like you before they can have access to special coupons, contests or "Fan only" information.  Pixo Web Design & Strategy can help you setup your Like-Gate and then setup a custom Concrete5 page on your Facebook site that only Fans can see.  This is a fantastic way to build your communit, capture information from your community and drive new business.  You can see an example of this on the Baby Central USA Facebook Fan page.

Contact Pixo today to find out how Concrete5 can be added to your website and integrated with your Facebook pages.

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