The Coming forth of IE10 and the Death of IE6

We look forward to the coming release of Internet Explorer 10.  If for no other reason it will mean the death of IE6 & IE7.  Rumors indicate that a beta release of IE10 will be out this month and that IE10 will be out with the Windows 8 release.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that Windows 8 will be out around June of this year.

Microsoft announced that in 2012 it will start doing automatic updates of users browsers.  Nearly 8.3% of internet users are still using IE6.  Microsoft announced this week that it is no longer supporting IE6 and most web developers stopped supporting it with the release of Internet Explorer 9 last year.  Most developers will stop supporting IE7 with the release of IE10.

What does this mean for Concrete5 users?  Not a lot, other than that it will be somewhat easier to develop websites that display more consistently for all users and there is the potential to add more interactive functionality.

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Posted by Tom F on
YAY can't wait!!!!

Were working with a potential corperate client were all the users have IE 7 on your PC's and don't have the option to upgrade without a mass upgrade by their IT department. So IE 7 seems to be something we still have to deal with. Seems like corporate clients are the last to upgrade!!
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