Concrete5.5.1 is now Available!

The stable release of Concrete5 5.5.1 is now available.  This release is probably the biggest release concrete5 has done to date.  With it many important enhancements have been made and the entire Dashboard interface has been overhauled into a clean, fast and easy to use menu system.  From the Concrete5 website the following are just some of the enhancements available in this release:


  • Completely revampled, overhauled and refined interface in the front-end and in the dashboard. Too many improvements to list here.
  • No more scrapbook! Simpler, streamlined, faster clipboard for copy and paste, and "Stacks" for managing global areas, with support for version control and block reordering.
  • Improved Installation that lets you specify your admin password, an installation language, gives you more access to sample content.
  • Comprehensive white-labeling support, including the ability to specify alternate install packages, an alternate logo.
  • Deleted pages now go into the trash for easy restore or bulk deletion.
  • Better Page Attributes, including the ability to define attribute sets for page attributes, including reordering. Attributes can also be used with page defaults. Much better interface for choosing page attributes.
  • Better marketplace integration, including the ability to read full descriptions, better search, a more attractive and fully informative informative, and the ability to purchase items directly from your website.
  • Beautiful new "Greek Yogurt" Theme, installed with the sample content.
  • New bulk commands in page search, including bulk delete, bulk move/copy, bulk design, and bulk speed settings
  • Page Search and User Search now have fully customizable columns
  • Better Anti-Spam Controls. Easy installation of new captcha libraries like reCAPTCHA (available for free download from and anti-spam libraries like Akismet.

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