Online Marketing Escalation Strategies with Concrete5

One of the great things about Concrete5 is that it is easy to enhance the functionality of the website.  There are many add-ons that we install for our customers to suite their website needs and adding custom code to Concrete5 is easier than any other content management system that we have used.  For our social media clients we like to add a number of different tools to their Concrete5 site in order to get the most out of their social media campaign.

We believe in an online escalation strategy when it comes to social media campaigns.  The idea is to drive users from high trafficked, micro blog social media sites such as Twitter to higher information pages on the website (such as a blog) to conversion pages on the main website.  We've found a lot of success with this strategy.

Concrete5 enhances this experience by allowing us to integrate social media tools into the website and even into the social media sites which allow us to give a rich user experience to the site visitor.  Those tools are often very inexpensive but their impact can be multi-fold.

To learn how Concrete5 can help your online marketing please contact Pixo.

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