New Concrete5 Form Templates Add-on; Beta Testers Wanted

Oct 01, 2012

icon.pngPixo has developed a new add-on that allows you to put the label for a text field for the Concrete5 form block inside the text field like you see below. Often site administrators have limited space for form fields in sidebars and other areas of a site and as a result the standard Concrete5 block doesn't work well because with the label to the left of the text field it takes up a lot of space. With the custom templates that install with this add-on you will now be able to create forms that have the lables for text fields and text areas inside the form field. You also get the advantage of tableless form fields that are easy to style if you want to give your form a particular look.

Pixo is looking for some beta testers for this new add-on to try the two available custom templates that are available with this easy to use add-on. All beta testers will receive a license for this add-on for free and all we ask is that you give us some feedback on the add-on. To become a beta tester please complete the form below.

Category: Concrete5