The Top 10 Best Concrete5 Add-ons

Nov 10, 2012

The following is our picks for the best Concrete5 add-ons based on general usability, functionality and support. We've blogged about this before but there have been a number of new additions to the Concrete5 Marketplace since then and a number of add-ons have been updated. So the following is our 10 ten picks for Concrete5:

  1. Pro Blog - easy to use blogging add-on that is updated regularly.
  2. eCommerce - makes adding a shopping cart or catalog to Concrete5 simple to setup and simple to maintain
  3. Galleria Image - simple image gallery that is FREE.
  4. ProEvents - add a calendar to your website
  5. MailMonkey - Integrate your Concrete5 website with Chimp Mail
  6. Tweetcrete - easily add a Twitter feed to your website
  7. Formigo Slider - A flexible slideshow for Concrete5
  8. Email List Sign-up - Have users sign-up for your mailing list with a double opt-in email confirmation
  9. Pixo Form Templates - customize your Concrete5 form block templates
  10. eCommerce Import - this one would be higher on our list but because it is so robust you have to have a little technical knowledge to use it.

There are a number of other great add-ons available in the Marketplace. If you have questions about any add-on you are considering purchasing send us a note or mention other add-ons that you like.

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