New Pixo Google Products Export Add-on for Concrete5

Now available for Concrete5 websites with ecommerce is a new add-on package that allows you to export your products into Google Products (aka Google Shopping). 

What the add-on does is create an export of the C5 ecommerce products to Google Products and it creates the export on a set schedule.  In Google Products you can set the data to be imported on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  It takes a few days after a product is imported for it to show up in Google Products search.

Right now Pixo is offering this add-on with installation for only $50 to a select few beta testers and that includes the setup on Google.  Google doesn’t charge anything for products to be added to Google Products or for any of the traffic driven to the website so you get a lot of exposure for your products and services at very little cost with this add-on. 

To setup the Google Products add-on all Pixo needs is your Google login, tax and shipping information.  You will need to go into your products and categorize each product after the add-on is installed.  When the add-on is installed, in the ecommerce Dashboard area, there will be a new product attribute tool available that displays the different Google categories that they can choose from.  Each product has to have a Google category applied in order for it to be accepted by Google.

To learn more about this great Concrete5 add-on contact Pixo.

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