Concrete5 Releases 5.5.2

A new minor relase of Concrete5 is out available.  Version 5.5.2 comes with a number of new features including:

  • Replaced Picnik with built-in crop, rotate and zoom functionality. Crop+Zoom provided by jQuery Cropzoom by Gaston Robledo (
  • Added ability to specify a file set on a form block for files uploaded through form. (Thanks danklassen!)
  • Prettier edit/add experience for image block.
  • Image block can now automatically resize thumbnails (previous default) or accept a fixed size, which can be passed to the image editor directly as a fixed width/height
  • Ability to receive an email when new users register (Thanks Mnkras.)

These behavioral improvements are also great enhancements to Concrete5:

  • Made better use of space on dashboard home and system & settings
  • Newsflow arrows are more prominent
  • Moved sessions into filers/tmp/ on each site for better security.
  • Download File script now redirects to files instead of forcing all files to download (to allow PDFs, images to display in browser)
  • Fixed:
  • Improved installation will remove user-created configuration files if something goes wrong in installation, removing an infinite installation loop unless the files were removed by hand.
  • More robust UI handling when concrete5 is used with themes with greedy center styles.
  • Adding wmode=transparent to youtube videos for better display
  • File blocks now are searchable through the site-wide search block.

To upgrade your current version of Concrete5 to the latest relase or to have Concrete5 added to your existing or new website give us a call at 720.334.PIXO.

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