Making Your Website Mobile Ready with Concrete5

You see people doing it all of the time.  Email, text and now web browsing have become common occurrances with mobile device (i.e iPhone, Android, iPad or any other mobile device) users on a daily basis.  Is your business website ready for the mobile wave that is predicted to hit in 2013?  Pixo can help you sort through the multitude of options with mobile websites and help you find a mobile solutions that fits your business needs.

When building a mobile website we add some code to your Concrete5 website that allows us to detect when a mobile device is accessing your website.  Then we deliver to those users a version of the website that is easier to navigate, faster loading and appropriately sized for a mobile viewing experience.  This allows your users to find what they need faster and get access to the products, services and information that they need.

Pixo offers three mobile solutions starting at just $75 for Concrete5 websites and can setup a mobile solution for any type of website.  Contact a Pixo representative today for a free consultation to find out what mobile solution woulld work best for your needs.

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