The Definitive Guide to Local SEO

Local vs. National SEO

Many businesses find that they are small fish in a big pond with it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).  Do a search for the type of business you are in on Google and you are likely to find that you are competing with 1 million national websites for 10 positions on page one of Google. If you aren’t on page one than more than likely you aren’t being found.  What many website owners don’t know is that you can localize your search engine optimization to reduce the size of the pond and be found on Google.  Even if you are selling your products nationally you can localize to get into many smaller ponds so that you can rank highly in the search results for specific keywords on a local level.

What exactly does “local” mean?  It depends.  Usually when we talk local we are talking about a specific geographic area that people will use as part of their search term such as a city or state name.  By optimizing your site locally you increase your chances of being found greatly when some searches in a specific geographic region. 

Did you know that Google will bring back search results that are somewhat skewed towards where you are located.  For example, if you are in Denver, Colorado and you type in the search term of ‘website design’ Google will automatically detect your location and give a little favoritism to websites that are in your geographic location.  By optimizing your website locally you can take advantage of the way Google works and get your website to rank more quickly in the search engines.  We've found some great success for clients by building geographic secondary sites that are highly optimized for localized traffic that are both useful for customers in a specific geographic area and drive revenues.

Unique Strategies for Local SEO
We’ve created some proprietary techniques to help small to medium sized businesses get found on the search engines through localized SEO.  We’ve even created some powerful tools so that once someone comes to your website from the search engines that we can customize the message to that potential customer so they will go deeper into your website.  Because you don’t just want traffic, you want qualified traffic to turns into new business.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert at Pixo to get your website locally optimized and start driving quality traffic to your website.  Ask how Concrete5 can help you with you SEO.

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