Make Your Concrete5 Site Responsive to Your User's (Mobile) Needs

allthreeScreenShotsmall.pngMobile usage online has taken off in a big way.  Nearly 50% of all searches now happen on a mobile device.  How are you managing your user's interactions with your business online?  We have a solution for Concrete5 users that works!  Pixo's Responsive Concrete5 themes can be custom made and applied to any Concrete5 website and gives your users the ultimate user experience on devices such as smartphones (i.e. iPhones) and tablets (i.e. iPads).

Because your responsive website can automatically detect which type of device is accessing your site the web page layouts automatically transform to the best user experience for that device.  Better yet you don't have to create separate pages for the mobile versions of your website.  You just add pages and content to your website as you always have and the Pixo responsive theme does everything else for you.

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