How to Import Products into Concrete5 Ecommerce Website

At Pixo, we have a great deal of experience with the Concrete5 ecommerce add-on.  Whether it be customizations to the ecommerce, theme design or product imports, we've done it all.  If you need an ecommerce website that will have 10 products or 10,000 products we have the knoweldge to make your ecommerce website and shopping cart work perfectly for you.

One challenge that we know faces many Concrete5 users is how to add products to their ecommerce website.  On average it takes about 40 seconds to add a product through the ecommerce Dashboard in Concrete5.  That is fine if you have about 30 products to add, but if you need to add 100 or even 1,000 products the Dashboard isn't a very efficent way to add products in bulk.

Pixo has product import tools designed specifically for Concrete5 to import your products into your Concrete5 ecommerce website quickly and easily.  If you have your products in a spreadsheet, XML file or comma delimited file we can save you time and money adding your products and product photos to your website.  Whether you have just 50 products or 10,000 products to add we have the experience and tools to make it work for you.

Contact Pixo's Concrete5 consultants and developers to find out how to import your products into your Concrete5 ecommerce website.

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