The Pixo Giant Pumpkin Patch

Not only do we build world class website at Pixo and do amazing search engine optimization but we also find time for some fun.  Some people might not consider growing giant pumpkins their idea of fun (it isn't a big thing in South Beach Florida for example) but I think anyone who sees a giant pumpkin for the first time are taken back to their childhood and fairy tale stories. 

weight-off.jpgThe kind of pumpkins we are talking about are the 1,000 pound variety (or even two thousand pounds if you have a world record pumpkin).  The Pixo team has some giant pumpkins growing again this year and as of last week both of the plants have pumpkins growing on them.  Right now the biggest pumpkin is maybe 10 pounds.  In a 1 1/2 months they will hopefully be around 700 pounds each and by the end of September we are hoping the pumpkins will be over 1,000 pounds.  Follow our pumpkin growing efforts throughout the growing season on Twitter at   

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