Helping a Client in a Pinch; Ecommerce Website in Just Two Days

We were recently contacted by a company in Boulder, Colorado who was in a real pinch.  His current website vendor, who was one of those "build your own website services," wasn't working (literally) and he was in great need of getting a website that would work for his needs going forward.  The catch is that he needed a new eCommerce website built yesterday.  Literally.  We came together as a team, come up with a plan and had a responsive, eCommerce website up and running for him two days later with all of the website content migrated over and payment gateways fully running.

Utilizing the Concrete5 content management system and eCommerce add-on we built the foundation of the website.  We then created a customized theme that was tailor made for the client.  The end result was a website that he couldn't have been more thrilled about.  Much better looking then the previous site with better placement of marketing messages, interactive slideshows and a better user experience, this two day website will last the client for a long time. 

What website project can we help you with?  Let us know.

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