An Amazing 11 Years of Leading Website Design

Eleven years ago this month we started Pixo with a vision of creating websites for small to medium sized businesses that were both powerful, flexible and easy to use.  Eleven years later we still have that vision.  It is fun to look back over the years and see what we are doing now verses the "early days."  What we did in those early years was totally innovative, but by today's standards things have come a long ways in a very short time.

If you were to compare the internet ten years ago to the history of the television the internet would be compared to the fuzzy, black and white screen with four channels of the early 1960s.  Today I would say the internet is color television but we haven't reached the point that we are to high definition or Ultra HDTV.  There is still a lot of work to be done.  Things have come a long ways but until mobile broadband has better service and higher speeds things and data integrations across different platforms is made easier we will continue to be hampered.

I look at what the internet will mean for business websites in the future and I see more integrations of divergent systems, better communication tools, better mobile services, social media integrations with high value touch points between businesses and clients and higher security services for protecting data.  Websites of tomorrow to some degree won't look that much different than today but user expectations of communication and ease of use will continue to climb so the tools that will support that will increasingly be developed by Pixo to support those demands.

I look forward to the internet of tomorrow.  Sometimes I'm blown away by the internet of today.  What would we do without it?  For pretty much any topic, in just minutes, we can research almost anything, no matter how obscure.  I'm grateful for my team which is helping build the internet of tomorrow today.  Some of the things we are doing in eCommerce, Concrete5 content management and website user interface design are completely revolutionary.

What does your business need for the future and where do you want to go?  Let us know.

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