Why You Should Use a Concrete5 Website for a Kickstart Campaign

Start up businesses or established companies with a new product often times will turn to Kickstart to build funding or to market a new product.  Kickstart is a wonderful way to promote a new product to an eager audience looking for a deal, latest technology or service. However you should establish your website long before you start your Kickstart campaign to build momentum into the campaign for the best chance at success. 

A polished web presence will not only let potential customers know about your new offering but can be the starting point to build buzz about your offering long before your campaign begins.  This gives you an opportunity to build a viral campaign so a wave of potential customers will be on your Kickstart page from day one and our research shows if you can get lots activity on your Kickstart page right from day one then you are much more likely to have a successful campaign. 

You'll also need a website for after your Kickstart campaign so you can build on the buzz created through Kickstart.  Your website needs are going to change before, during and after your Kickstart campaign and that is where Concrete5 comes in.  Concrete5 allows you to make edits to your website through an online interface.  No technical knowledge is required.  After a 40 minute training by a Pixo representative through an online screen share is all you will need to edit content, add pages, add products and manage every aspect of your website.  Concrete5 is a content management system made for marketers that allows you to grow your website as your business needs change.  In under a minute you can create a new web page with video, email forms and slideshows.

The other great thing about Concrete5 is that it is an Open Source content management system.  What that means is that it doesn't cost a dime and there is a massive community of developers that are creating new functionality for it all the time that you can purchase to enhance your website. 

We understand that start up businesses don't often have deep pockets to spend thousands of dollars on a website.  Pixo's typical website enhanced with Concrete5 is usually between $900-1,100 and an eCommerce enabled website is usually just a couple of hundred dollars more.  With that you get a custom website design, years of experience and a team of professionals you can trust.

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