SEO Rant: Concrete5 CMS vs. Wordpress for Top Rankings in Google

Aug 15, 2014

I'm forced to write this post. I've heard it come up more than once by supposed search engine optimization (SEO) experts/gurus/professionals and it drives me crazy! The scenario is something like this: Potential client is wisely meeting with different agencies to get website development work and/or search engine optimization work done. They narrow down to whom they want to work with to Pixo and another agency. The other agency meets with the potential client to make their final pitch and tells the client that if they don’t use the Wordpress content management system for their website then their website will never rank well in Google. Concerned client comes back to us and says, “We love what you showed us about Concrete5. It seems so easy to use and it will work perfect for what we want to do over the long haul online, but we are concerned that our website won’t rank if we don’t use Wordpress.” (Learn how to optimize a Concrete5 website here)

The short answer to that question is if anyone ever tells you that you need to use Wordpress or any other content management system in order for your site to rank well, thank them for their time and ask them to go away.

Any good SEO professional, who understands how search engines such as Google rank websites, knows that, for the most part, a good content management system plays little or no part in how a site ranks. You won’t find any quotes from Google that say, “If you don’t use Wordpress we will never rank you.” Common sense fly’s in the face of that statement. Do you think that Amazon, ebay, Facebook, YouTube or Wikipedia use Wordpress? However you can find those sites ranking quite nicely on Google and the other search engines for tons of keywords.

Usually the way we answer this question will be to site the facts stated above, show them ranking reports for clients (these are approved by clients to be shown) in highly competitive categories (i.e. travel, lawyers, etc.) with lots of page #1 rankings across the search engines and then take the time to help that customer understand how using proper techniques can drive qualified, quality traffic to their website.

In the end I have to thank all of those wannabe SEO professionals out there who pull such poor tactics because it is the fast way to help Pixo and other companies that understand SEO to gain a customer that will be staying around for a good, long time.

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