Conversion of Frontpage Websites into a Concrete5 Website

Microsoft no longer supports Microsoft Frontpage and as a result many website owners that relied on the Frontpage Extensions have websites that will no longer work going forward.  Many people liked Frontpage because it put them in control of their website.  They could add content and create new pages relatively easily with Frontpage.  However these days there are better options.  Content management systems like Concrete5 give a site owner just as much control over their website but a whole lot more functionality in a very easy to use package.

We've done a lot of Frontpage to Concete5 site conversions lately.  With Concrete5 it is easy to keep your website looking the same as it does in Frontpage if you so desire and also give yourself the ability to add slide shows, create forms, add videos, create great eCommerce websites and a whole lot more.  All of our clients that have moved over to Concrete5 would tell you that they wouldn't want to have to go back.

If you have a Frontpage website and would like to move it over to something else give us a call at 720.334.PIXO or drop us a note.  See Concrete5 in action:

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