A Case Study: Kickstarter Campaigns, Online Marketing & Concrete5

Launched a Kickstarter campaign for a client today.  If you are not familiar, Kickstarter.com is a popular website to get funding for a new product.  People can go on and pledge funding for the product and usually get something in return, such as the product, at a discounted price.  Frankly, there are often some pretty innovative products on Kickstarter.

kickstartertop.pngThis campaign is for the Shower Shimmy.  An ingenious, all-in-one shower cleaning tool that really works and has a fantastic eco-friendly cleaning solution that works perfectly with the brush.  The cleaning agent can be used while in the shower because it is non-toxic, but in lab tests has been shown as powerful as the leading brand (Scrubbing bubbles).

For this campaign we used the Concrete5 CMS with eCommerce.  The website was launched months in advance so that we could start search engine optimization and start building momentum into the Kickstarter campaign.  The shopping cart piece of the eCommerce campaign was turned off because Kickstarter doesn’t allow you to start selling the product prior to the launch on their website, but this will be easily turned back on with just a few clicks when the Kickstarter campaign is done in just over a month.

I can’t go into all of the details of our launch strategy here, but if you have interest in learning some pretty cool tactics to get your product funded on Kickstarter drop me a note.  Let me just say, we launched our Kickstarter campaign 3 hours ago and we are already 50% of the way to goal and we still have 43 days left to go.  Not a bad start.  And  the best is yet to come.  We have a full mommy blogger product review campaign that is also starting today which should drive traffic through the roof over the next few days. 

Update:  In less than 24 hours the Kickstarter campaign made its goal and Shower Shimmy was fully funded.

Update Update: Client was invited to be on a special edition of Shark Tank on Good Morning America. I love it when a plan comes together!

Update to the Update Update: The Shower Shimmy is now 248% over goal with 38 days left to go!!

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