Mickey Mouse Says the Force is Strong with Our Social Media

Nov 17, 2015

For four years straight, Pixo has been fortunate enough to be invited to do social media campaigns with the Disneyland resorts for different social media and launch events. I have to admit, it is a great gig. Some of the brilliance of what Disney has done is to allow you to completely interact with the resorts in amazing ways that allows you to emerse yourself into the campaign and personalize it. For each trip we have done to one of the Disney resorts they have literally shut down parts of the park so you can experience what they are doing without long lines. How many times have you completed a ride and had the ride operator ask if you just want to stay on the ride, because there is nobody else is in line? Like I said, it is a great gig.

season2-201x300.jpgDisney this week launched Season of the Force, their traditional launch of their holiday decorations with the added twist of Star Wars put into the mix. Updated rides with a Star Wars theme, new attractions, new films and new food selections are now all a part of Disneyland's Tomorrow Land. A small taste of a new Star Wars-themed lands that will be built on 14 acres in Disneyland in the year to come.

Of all of the Star Wars additions in Tomorrow Land, the new Hyperspace Mountain was the best addition to the park. Space Mountain has been transformed, where the old ride now immerses you into a battle with Tie fighters and Star Destroyers as you zoom down the tracks. Star Wars theme music with pilot voice overs guide you through the battle as laser blasts stream around you. For me it took an old favorite ride to a whole new level of interactivity and it is now my favorite ride of any ride at any amusement park.

disney.JPGOur 3 day adventure capped off an integrated blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaign for the resort. In the past these posts have been highly popular. It is always fun when you get notes from readers months later saying how much they appreciated the post and how it made their family vacation to a Disney resort that much better because of the tips and advice they received. It is also great to see all of the comments as people relive their own recent or childhood Disney experiences on social media. Disney is absolutely brilliant in how they leverage media to gain exposure and increase conversions through their campaigns. Thanks again to Disney for letting us be a part of their magic again!