3 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Today

If your online marketing is under performing, the following 3 simple ideas can help you pump new life into your campaigns.  Sometimes it is the little adjustments that can make the biggest differences and usually it takes a few tweaks to increase conversions by 5% and 5% can often make a big difference in the bottom line.

  1. Use Analytics.  Often times facts are in the numbers.  Adding Google Analytics to your website can allow you to better understand how users are using your website and where they are coming from.  Some key things to first look at are the bounce rate, unique visitors, amount of traffic to content pages and referring sites and search keyword terms.  Things like the bounce rate can help you see if a user is getting to your site and then immediately leave the site.  A boun, for rate of over 55%, for most sites, indicates your have design, messaging or presentation issues with your site.  Once you fix these kinds of issues you will be surprised to see how it will effect your traffic and bottom line.
  2. Marketing Isn't Enough.  A recent experience with a client reminded me that getting your message out there isn't enough.  They were invited to be on a national news show to show off their product.  The interview went extremely well with nothing but positive messages, but sales were somewhat disappointing.  Looking at everything after the fact I realized that the format of the interview gave very little opportunity to ask the viewer to buy the product.  No website address, few brand mentions or opportunities for call to action were possible on the show, because of the format.  It wasn't enough to be in front of a target market with 1 million viewers if your message doesn't include a call to action and branding.  Make sure your marketing is clear and concise.  Don't use general language in your message.  Make sure you tell the consumer exactly why they should buy it and what makes you different and don't be afraid to ask for the sale.  Although my client didn't get the big number of sales from the show that they hoped for, a major store approached them about adding their product to the show so good things can still come.
  3. Build Consumer Confidence in Your Website Design.  Unless you are a big brand in your market, make sure your website design and messaging builds confidence.  A professional website design builds trust with the user because the user will assume that if your website looks professional then your product or service must be the same.  When I say "professional" understand that I mean professional in the consumers eyes and not yours.  What might look good to your might not look good to the consumer.  I've seen too many business owners who had self-designed or self copyrighted websites that were just to close to them.  In some cases I did a website design mockup, that wasn't requested by the client, so I could show them what the website could be.  In every case they went with the new design because once they saw the new design next to their current site, it became obvious that their website was out of date, lacked focus and didn't have a clear message. 

    When a user lands on a site they are not familiar with from Google they have their finger on the back button.  You have about 4 seconds to tell that user why they should stay on the site and go deeper into it.  The messaging on the homepage should be short, clear and have clear calls to action.

    One thing I love to do is add testimonials to a website homepage.  Again users who come to the site for the first time may have never heard of you.  You need to prove to those users you are legit and the best for them.  Short testimonials from actual customers is a great way to build consumer confidence.  It is great to tell people what you can do for them, but even better when you can have one of your own customers tell them what you did for them.  Even better than that is when you can have your consumers do the same thing for you through their own social media channels.

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